Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ride preparation continues ...

It was a busy week for Andrew's Enduro Africa. I spent Monday's lunch at the local AAA getting an international driver's license. The resulting document left me feeling underwhelmed that my money was well spent ($15).

And yesterday morning, I was at the doctor's office getting prescriptions for inoculations and preventive medicine for the trip (i.e., Hep A, typhoid, anti-malarials). I decided against a rabies vaccination on grounds that anything that would bite me out there probably wouldn't leave much behind to treat.

More ride gear has arrived, including jersey, pants, and other protective gear. I had to try it all on to make sure it fit. Ed and Elizabeth can vouch for the fact that it does. All I need now are my helmet and goggles, and I'm ready to roll.

I completed a brief assessment and consultation with a personal trainer last night, but next steps are still in the works.

And finally, I screened into an H1N1 vaccine trial this week for three reasons: 1) to help find an efficacious vaccine before the virus mutates and wreaks complete havoc later this year, 2) because participant reimbursements = EA donations, and 3) to confer personal protection from such antics as the one demonstrated here.

Stay tuned. The adventure continues.


Mike M said...

It must be exciting to get the gear - it's all really sounding great. That photo is hilarious!

Jane said...

Hi Andrew, I wish you the best on your trip. Be safe and have fun- Jane

Andrew said...

Thanks, Jane. Sorry you couldn't join us yesterday.