Friday, July 10, 2009

85 Days and counting (and a Google challenge)

In the 3 months remaining before the start of my Enduro Africa adventure, I'm beginning to feel a bit daunted by the number of things I still need to do, including immunizations, off road riding training, completing a final round of fundraising, building my physical fitness and endurance (and losing 10 lbs.), finishing my EA soundtrack, buying off road riding gear, etc. But there's a new challenge I've set my sights on, and I'll need your help to reach it.

Here it is: If you Google "enduro" and "africa", this blog generally emerges in the top 5 of the returns. Initially, this tickled me to no end. Today, I see that it has climbed to position number 2, just after the organizer's own website. And now, that's not good enough for me. I want the pole position!

In the next few weeks, I'll ask all of you to do a simple thing - just visit my blog on the exact same day. The number of hits could propel Andrew's Enduro Africa 2009 to the number 1 position. Better yet, I'll ask you to consider adding a link to your facebook, website, or blog pages. You can delete them later, but just give me this one little ray of hope, ok?

Now, I can hear you saying "this is loading a little heavily on the Techno-Geek factor for you, Andrew". And you'd be right. Trying to game Google like this is just sad, sad I tells you. But it's the small things in life, really, that keep us plodding along. Just get your browsers ready, people - ok??

Stay tuned. The adventure continues!


Bob and Neil said...

Hi Andrew,
Bob from the UK here, I have posted a guest link on our site for you. Contact me by email and I will drop you a line with some quiz night tips on.

Andrew said...

Great! Will follow-up with you shortly. thanks, A