Saturday, July 18, 2009

Off-Road Rider Gear, Part I

Of the out-of-pocket expenses associated with my participation in Enduro Africa (e.g., postcards, postage, international transfer fees, t-shirts, etc.), none has me feeling giddier than this one: Off-road riding gear.

Last night, I placed an order for Fox Racing 360 racing jersey, pants, and gloves (rugged, padded, yet fully vented for hot conditions), and Moose Racing M1 boots with all terrain heel (well-made, replacement parts, economical).

Here's the full list of essential riding gear and equipment.

Next up: Helmet, goggles, armor, and accessories. Stay tuned - pictures of me all suited up coming soon!


Mike M. said...

Very cool-looking gear! Just curious: What sort of armor are you referring to in your list?

Andrew said...

Hey man. Good question. Because of the stonespray common to offroad riding with others, "roost" guards are generally recommended. In addition, because of the 100% chance that I'm going to do a few endos and have a range of other spills, elbow, knee, shin, and back guards are also advisable.

Simply put, I'm going to have plenty of spills and eat my fair share of dirt. But with the right gear, I'll do it all with a smile!

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

And just for clarity sake, a "roost" guard is worn on the chest!

Anonymous said...

Good to know... ; )