Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who IS this guy?

I have a Ph.D. in Clinical/Health Psychology from Syracuse University, and have received pre- and post-doctoral training in Behavioral Medicine, Public Health, and Research Methods at the Palo Alto VA Health Care System and the University of California San Francisco. 

I started riding motorbikes in 1999, with a Honda 150 scooter that I kept in the basement of my office building in San Francisco. I moved on to bigger bikes in 2005, when I fell in love with and bought a 1997 BMW R1100RS

I'm doing Enduro Africa because it combines two of my passions: Helping to end the global HIV pandemic by raising funds and attention to a critical region of the world, and riding motorbikes.

My hope is to raise awareness of the ongoing need for support for innovative HIV prevention, education, and care programs in Southern Africa, especially in the midst of a global financial crisis, and to learn more about what's needed out on the front lines. 

I'm doing all of this for my own personal education and contribution, not as a representative of the US government, my employer. The views expressed here are my very own, nobody else's. 

My wife, Elizabeth, and I live in Bethesda MD with our two samoyeds, Katy and Adie, and our cats, Mischa and Sacha.

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