Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 10 reasons to donate now

In February, I kicked off my fundraising campaign for Enduro Africa 2009. So, it is a bit of a surprise, three months later, to be in the position to say that:

I’m now ~80% of the way to the required $7,500

in donations to participate!!

You read that right – I’ve successfully raised over $6000, including online and offline donations, and my own personal contributions to the effort. The outpouring of encouragement, donations, and expressions of interest have simply been amazing.

We’re now firmly in the homestretch. My intention is still to raise $10,000, but my short-term goal is to raise the remaining ~$1,300 as soon as possible to meet the minimum.

So, if there are any superheroes out there who want to save the day and put us over the minimum, now’s the time to make your donation. Please, make your contribution using my secure PayPal widget or e-mail me to discuss other ways to give or to spread the word.

Why give? In donating, you’ll:

1) Contribute to four regional charities doing incredible work in Southern Africa;

2) Join many others in putting their money to work in direct support of their values;

3) Help raise awareness that there’s no recession for HIV, neither here nor abroad;

4) Receive a highly prized, embroidered Enduro Africa t-shirt (donate $100 or more);

5) Get upcoming monthly donors-only behind the scenes updates;

6) Help offset adverse impacts of the economic crisis on NGOs & charities;

7) Gain early access to ride details, GPS coordinates, maps, and posts from the trailside;

8) Enable one of only 6 people in the U.S to ride Enduro Africa in 2009;

9) Join my exclusive, valued, donor hall of fame; and,

10) Enjoy my eternal gratitude.

So there you have them - 10 excellent reasons to give to my Enduro Africa project. Beat the rush during this pledge drive, donate now. Thanks so much.

And stay tuned. The adventure continues.

Addendum: What an unbelievable response to this pledge drive! A very warm thanks to Marc, Dianne, Daina, Vicki, Monica, Margaret, and others for their generous contributions. I'm just floored. There's now only ~$800 left to raise to meet the $7,500 minimum donation for EA! So, if you still want a piece of the action (and a very cool customized tee), please donate now and help me wrap this up today!

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