Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend fund drive update

Just a brief, heartfelt thanks everyone who has donated to my Enduro Africa project this weekend, including Birgit, Ed, Charlotte, Julia, Sridar, and others. I'm well over a third of the way toward my $1000 weekend fundraising goal. But I still need your help. To donate, just use the secure PayPal donation widget to the right. 

Also, with the recent Gazette article in hand, this weekend I visited several motorcycle dealerships, local restaurants and other businesses in an effort to secure new business sponsorships. When I do, I'll send out a press release, add active urls to my blog, and create a special business sponsors' section. I'm expecting a strong turnout. So, big plans are in the works. Stay tuned.

Addendum: I'm now about halfway to my weekend fund drive, which ends later today. If you are waiting to push us over the goal line, please donate now. And remember, spiffy embroidered Enduro Africa t-shirts for all donations of $100 or more. Thank you donors and supporters, one and all. 

Addendum II: The final total was $725 in donations and pledges! Thank you so much to everyone for your incredible generosity!

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