Thursday, October 1, 2009

Refueling in Dakar

It's 3 AM ET and dawn is breaking over the Western Sahara.

We're being treated to a 60-min pitstop in Dakar, following an unremarkable 8.5 hour trans-Atlantic flight. Approximately 50 people departed and others boarded. Another 9 hrs to Joburg. I learned later from a South African Airlines (SAA) pilot that the planes make this stop only when warmer temperatures in departure cities prohibit loading enough fuel to make the trip nonstop. 

I'm running a GPS logger on the flight (don't tell SAA), which captures speed, altitude, and bearing, as well as coordinates. Will run it on the trek, if it works.


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! The adventure begins!

Andrew said...

And the excitement builds here by the minute. Am going to walk over to the hotel we're supposed to meet at in a bit, just to see if the circus has started. The UK riders should have landed in Joburg about an hour ago. Give them another 3 before they show up. Should be interesting here soon!