Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Injury status update

This morning, I interpretted the lack of swelling and bruising to mean that I haven't fractured my foot, thankfully. It is a little sensitive still but nothing to keep me off my bike.

Lesson learned? Take every step to avoid dehydration, as it erodes concentration and coordination incredibly fast out here. And, yes, I must slow down a bit too!

Lorraine - I'll be sure to say hello to Mike, your hubby and my fellow Team Orange rider. In fact, he's one of the more sensible riders whose technique and strategy I've been trying to mimic. Perhaps I'll do a a few rider profiles and see if he'd be game for an "interview" for the blog.

And thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes. I'm still hammering these posts out with my thumbs, which may be showing the greatest amount of wear of all my body parts. And I do the posts after the rides described, so I'll beg your forgiveness for any typos, mispellings, or grammaticals. I'll edit and add pictures, links, and other content later.

Stay tuned. Volunteer day today with TouchAfrica, one of the charities supported by Enduro Africa. More soon.

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