Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pre-ride party on 26 Sep Cheltenham

This just in.
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Enduro Africa T-Shirts are here!!":

Hi Andrew,

My name is Nick Stubbs and I am riding in the second leg of Enduro Africa 2009. I hope you don't mind me posting this here but if you could get any other EA 2009 riders interested, that would be great...

Myself and another EA 2009 rider are organising a get together for any and all participants to share notes and swap last minute ideas regarding this amazing trip. Of course, the chance to have a few beers and meet our fellow riders is of paramount importance too!

We are meeting on Saturday the 26th September, at 1pm in TGI Fridays in Cheltenham. It is next door to a very handy Premiere Inn, close to the railway station and the M5.

We will be staying overnight on the Saturday and if anyone is interested in meeting up with the rest of us from EA 2009, please get in touch with one of us on:

Nick: 07518 359223 - nick_stubbs @ terra.es (no spaces)
Mike: 07917 174750 - mike.poxon @ jcb.com (no spaces)

Thanks and hopefully see you there!

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