Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Montreal en hiver

I've been in Montreal since Saturday for the 2009 Conference for Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections -- one of the major biomedical HIV/AIDS conferences. So far, I've attended a number of great meetings and presentations, and I've enjoyed the few moments I had to explore Montreal between or after sessions. 

My best finds so far? Two, in fact. First, the Gallery Yves Laroche in Old Montreal, which had a stunning collection of "art de la rue" or urban street art, including collections of Ugly Toys, prints by Fairey, and books of all sorts. One of these was a great book on the works of Banksy, whose politically/socially charged stencils once covered London (see right).

And a second fav find was the Marche Jean-Talon, which I explored for a few hours with friends and where I was able to get a lot of time practicing (inflicting?) my horrendous French on true Montrealers. The fruits, cheeses, meats, and breads of all sorts were beautifully displayed and sold proudly by people committed to the slow- and local-food movement. Be sure to visit when you go. 

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