Friday, May 8, 2009

Must see video

The video captures nicely the same sentiments I feel about my October 3d trip. Some key differences between actor Ewen McGregor's and my adventure are worth noting: 
  • I'll be riding with ~100 others, broken into groups of 10 - all of whom will be strangers to me.
  • Unlike the 550 pound, 1200cc, $20k BMWs shown, we'll ride 300 pound, 200cc, $4k Hondas or Yamahas
  • Our ride is only 8 days and just through South Africa and Lesotho
  • It's not just about the bikes -- it's about raising attention and funds for incredible charities in the region. 
But you know, these differences are insignificant. The excitement I feel? It's the very same that McGregor so eloquently describes. The video, Long Way Down, is well worth the rental fee but see the DVD extras on UNICEF's work to see exactly why I committed to raising funds for Enduro Africa. 

And as always, stay tuned. The adventure continues. 

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