Saturday, June 6, 2009

$7,500 Raised for Enduro Africa!

It’s true, sportsfans. With your help, I’ve raised the minimum amount required to participate in Enduro Africa, the fundraiser and off-road motorcycle ride that will benefit 4 fantastic charities in Southern Africa.

You’ve heard me it say tens of times already, but here it comes again: Thank you! Without your incredible generosity, encouragement, and expressions of interest, this simply wouldn’t have happened.

I know that many people are still out there would still love to donate. My hope is to reach my final goal of raising another $2,500 by July 15. Doing so would require me to attract 250 $10 donations, or 100 $25 donations, or 50 $50 donations, etc.

Piece of cake. Given the huge response so far, I’m confident that I’ll be able to do it. E-mail me to learn more, or use my secure PayPal widget to donate today.

Up next: An inaugural Andrew’s Enduro Africa 2009 e-mail newsletter for donors, updates about off-road riding and fitness training, and assorted developments.

Stay tuned. The adventure continues. 

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