Saturday, March 21, 2009

Closing in on off-road training schools

Finally found an option for learning to ride in the dirt, mud, and muck. The school has a good reputation and the fees are about what I'd expect them to be. The trouble is, attendees must supply their own bikes. Anyone out there have an old, 250 - 400 cc beater I can muddy up for a weekend? Anyone? Anyone? (No?)

There's another school in Virginia, out by Luray Caverns, that supplies bikes. Hopefully, I'll hear from them soon too. 
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G'day Andrew,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Your MTBing experience will give you an added advantage to being able to control an offroad motorcycle, as opposed to some one with no experience at. Nothing beats being out there on the trails gaining first hand experience though!

What you have listed below are the "mid-Atlantic" schools we will be offering for 2009. There are still spots available for these upcoming Dirt Wise schools.

Attached is a registration form for you to use and the event flyers that should answer any further questions that you may have.

Thanks for your interest in the Dirt Wise Academy of Offroad Riding schools.

Shane Watts

Wattsy World, LLC 

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Subject: Mid-Atlantic area rider trainings??


I'm so happy I found your site! Here's the deal for me: In October, I'm doing a 2000-km offroad ride through Southern Africa as part of a fundraiser (see way below). 

I've ridden on road for years but I've no dirt riding experience! And I suspect that my years of mountain biking will not generalize well to throwing 250 - 300 lbs around beneath me. 

And I'm in the Washington, DC area and there's nothing nearby that seems to offer rider training. 

I see that you offer a few trainings that are relatively nearby and that are on weekends that could work for me (see below). Can you advise on availabilities on these dates, or whether any other mid-Atlantic trainings are planned between now and summer? 

  • Apr 10/11 (Fri/ Sat) Penhook , VA
  • May 2/3 Meriden , CT
  • July 11/12 Romney , WV
  • Aug 28/29 (Fri/Sat) Ithaca , NY

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Andrew Forsyth

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