Monday, January 26, 2009

Launching Day delay

Oops! Yesterday, I seem to have run into a minor hurdle with my PayPal account, which I'll use for accepting, processing, and tracking online donations:
PayPal appreciates that you have chosen us to accept payments for your organization. Upon review of your account it has been found to be accepting donations on the following website:

Non-profit and charitable organizations are asked to provide information so that we may ensure the legitimacy of their accounts. Although you are a for-profit business or are fundraising, we would like to ask questions regarding the collection of donations.

It may take about a week to resolve, so will delay the official launch of this effort until next Sunday. So, I beg your patience, dear readers and those future Donor Hall of Fame inductees among you who prefer to donate online. I should be up and ready to go shortly!


Cris said...

Hi Andrew! I love this blog--both visually and content-wise. =)

Andrew Forsyth said...

Thanks, Cris! Stay tuned ... there's lots more to come -- maps, videos, training and preparation, highlights of the charities, and more! Heck, I may even set up an RSS feed so that updates can be sent automatically. We'll see. Thanks for visiting.